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Who We Are

Togther we are building a stronger and more compassionate commuity. 

JaxProtest is a volunteer organization based in Jacksonville, Florida. It was founded on the belief that grassroots efforts can make a difference in eliminating animal abuse from circus practices.

Through education and peaceful protesting, we hope to enlighten the public about the cruelty and inhumane conditions that Ringling Brothers Circuses in particular subject their animals to on a daily basis. Ringling Brothers is all about profit margins and propaganda, not animal welfare as they would have you believe. JaxProtest is now expanding it's efforts and raising awareness about the cruelty of greyhound racing, pet store/puppy mills, and dog fighting in our community as well as conservation and enviromental issues. 

JaxProtest members came together to help those who have no voice. We are teachers, web designers, stay at home mothers, retired military, Army reservists, students and many others. Changing hearts and minds from within  a community and being open to honest civil dialog to make real lasting change. 


Adam Sugalski - Founder

Adam Sugalski has been fighting for environmental and animal rights for over two decades. As a teenager, he began a recycling program at his high school and also helped to found the Environmental Club. Upon graduating with a BA in Art and Photography from the University of North Florida in 1996, Adam completed his first pro-bono assignment: creating a logo for Earth First. In the years that followed Adam has assisted numerous local and national nonprofits dedicated to animal protection including Mercy For Animals, Vegan Outreach, and Animal Legal Defense Fund.


In 2011, Adam organized JaxProtest, a circus protest group in Jacksonville, Florida. Under his leadership and because of his community-building skills, the protest group grew from 18 protestors attending Ringling demonstrations to over 60 in just one year. In addition to staging successful protests, JaxProtest initiated talks with the president of the University of North Florida regarding circus cruelty after holding a successful protest against Piccadilly Circus on the UNF campus in July 2012. By civilly and strategically engaging with UNF officials in an on-going dialogue, UNF, in step with other universities across the country, ultimately decided to ban animal acts from campus. Outside of his work in animal protection, Adam is an award-winning graphic designer, an avid surfer, and a Muay Thai instructor. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his three rescue dogs and two adopted cats.

Current Projects:

Founding and current board member of Four Feet Forward

Past Projects:

- Founder of CircusProtest

- Co-Founder and Creative Director of CompassionWorks International

Our Impact in Jacksonville

How we have made Jacksonville a more compasssionate city. 

UNF Bans Circus Animals

UNF decides to ban all circuses that use animals off campus. The move came after we met with UNF officials and President John Delaney and exposed them to the truth about the animal abuse in the circus. 

Dog Abusers Beware

Invesitgating abused dogs on the first coast. 

We investigate dog abuse and know how to stop it. With the new anti-tethering law put in place here we want to make sure people know that it is illegal to tether a dog unsupervised. 

Want to be part of our dog abuse team? Contact us here and we will let you know how you can help.

Guardian Angels For Wildlife

Saving injured or trapped wildlife. 

With more and more people moving to Jacksonville  the animal population is forced to retreat and move to new areas. We have been saving and taking injured wildlife to B.E.A.K.S for over 20 years. Learn how to save an injured animal, whether it be a turtle, bird, snake, or racoon.